I neither believe in sugar-coated words nor in exaggerrated stories. While others often focus too much on the brand image, they forget that no matter how good you polished the narrative, at the end of the day what matters most is the core, the product itself.

WARPWEFT COMPANY main focus is to dive deep into each details that form the product. I’ve always placed WARPWEFT COMPANY as a challenge for myself, to keep pursuing new standards and commited to the craft.

The Warpweft Name

The cotton logo and the name WARPWEFT COMPANY are connected as a series of process. A cotton weaved into a parts called warp & weft, and these parts combined together as a core components of woven fabric that we often celebrate by beating it to fade, denim.
That’s the spirit that I try to carry at WARPWEFT COMPANY, to dig into the product’s core, pursuing highest quality, while keep asking this to myself “Is this good enough?”